Monday, July 13, 2009

Thumb tacks!!!

Oh I'm loving this!!!! I figured out how to make covered button thumb tacks!

So easy and so cute. Now there is no excuse for the ugly metal ones I have around the house anymore. Time to cover those bad boys with some saucy fabric.

At first I think I was doing it the hard way (gluing the tacks directly onto the back of the covered button) until I realized that there is a little hole left in the back once the sticky-outty-thing-a-ma-jig is removed (how's THAT for using my big girl words???)- - which is the perfect size for the tack to securly fit into!


These are going to be GREAT gifts and will fit perfectly with my "handmade Christmas" theme this year. didn't hear the news???

Yep. If you know me and typically get a gift from me, then consider yourself warned.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Custom order: for the boys

Sorry for the crappy/blurry pictures. I tried to get descent shots but the sun was quickly going down and I had to deliver the goods the very next this was as good as I could get. You get the gist.

So after making all this girly stuff it was kinda nice to get an order for the boys! I actually had to go fabric shopping because I had NOTHING for the little guys. Not a thing.

These bags are for three nephews (all under the age of 7) of a friend at work who are visiting from California. The oldest is a big Eagles fan and the middle one is a big Phillies fan. Since I couldn't find Phillies material we made due with the baseballs, which I think are so cool! She also had me make their names in large magnets (I totally forgot to take a picture of the magnets, oops) as well as three random other magnets with things like bugs, and trains, and puppies, and all kinds of other "boy" stuff. Then she put their magnets in the drawstring pouches.

She e-mailed me after she gave the bags to them and she told me that they LOVED it. I really enjoy hearing that because it makes it all worth while.

So here they are in all their blurry goodness. Enjoy.


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