Thursday, October 11, 2012

The "Stuff Manager"

Recently I've been on a "kick" to get rid of some of the junk that clutters up our life and our house. When it comes to this type of thing, I tend to get into two different moods (which completely contradict each other by the way).

Mood #1: I focus in on something that I dislike about a room in my house. A simple "that window needs a window treatment" snowballs into a complete room makeover. I decide that I simply don't have enough cute objects to decorate my new space with, or I see something on a blog/Pinterest that I can't live without. I shop all over Eastern PA and I.MUST.FIND.CUTE.STUFF is all I think of day and night. True story, just keepin' it real.

Mood #2: I need a gift bag for a birthday party so I head down to our small storage space in the basement which is where we keep items of that nature. I open the door and can't even walk one step into said small storage space because there's simply WAY too much stuff in there. I then get obsessed with getting rid of each and every item in the ENTIRE house that isn't useful to us anymore. (During this mood, nothing is safe. Better nail it down if you want to keep it folks!)

These moods are very cyclical, and I happen to be at the tail end of Mood #2 at the moment.

A few days ago I felt myself shifting back to Mood #1. I saw something on a blog that I really wanted to try and I was planning a "quick" trip to the local craft store to buy the necessary items to make it.

Then, I read a post on a favorite blog of mine that stopped me dead in my tracks. Here is what it said:

Hello. Nice to meet you!

What do I do? Oh, I’m a Stuff Manager.

Gosh, no, I don’t really like it but, isn’t that what everyone does?

My daily routine involves looking through my stuff, putting stuff away, organizing stuff, feeling guilty because I haven’t organized other stuff, fussing at my kids because their stuff isn’t put away, wading through misplaced stuff in our garage, piling up stuff I’m tired of so we can sell it, packing away stuff I’m really tired of to give it away, asking my husband where he put his stuff, sorting, washing, and drying our stuff, and then dreaming about more stuff that I want and the bigger house I “need” because my precious stuff won’t fit in our current house–I guess it’s too small.

I never planned on being a stuff manager, it just kind of happened and now that’s my job. Oh, gosh no, I don’t get paid for it. I just do it because I think I have no other choice. I have a whole other job that I get paid for and I use most of that money to buy more stuff. I’m training my kids to be stuff managers too.

Wow. That is so totally and completely true.

BAM! Right back to Mood #2 I went and I now have a renewed focus to use what I already have on hand and not add any more junk to my life.

So what I wanna know is......Do you have "Moods" that flip flop too? Or are you always a Mood #1 or Mood #2 and you just don't ever switch? I'd love to know!


  1. We flip-flop for sure in this house. My husband always feels the need to be in mood #2 but doesn't really do a lot about it. I try to be in mood #2 but usually get distracted by all the pretty stuff when I'm de-cluttering that I forget what I was doing in the first place. But when the moood strikes WATCH OUT! I hate being a stuff manager and would love a week in my house alone to make it all go away!!

  2. Definitly flip flop!!! In the last year I have gone from living in a 3 story 3000 sq ft home back into our 1000 sq ft home that we own because my husband was laid off of his job he had for 20+ years.. so now I have not one but 2 sheds full of things I love but have no room for. So I have found myself over the past year going from unpacking one box at a time from my shed, making room for things to feeling boxed in and loading all unneccesities in boxes to go back to the shed.. Its a vicious cycle and It drives my husband nuts!!! lol



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