Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas paper ornament tutorial

Its that time of year (already!) to start thinking about Christmas gifts, decorations, and wrapping. Christmas is already less than 6 weeks away!!!


These paper ornaments make a great addition to any Christmas tree, can be used as a pretty tag or "bow" on the top of a gift, or can be strung together to make a beautiful garland. You can use what you already have available at home and they're so easy to make that it's the perfect afternoon craft project to do with your kids.

Lets get started:

Supplies needed:

* construction paper, scrapbooking paper, or any cardstock weight paper you have at home. You can even glue wrapping paper to a piece of heavy weight paper to make your own unique design!

* scissors

* pencil

* string, twine, or floss (I used baker's twine)

* glue

* juice glass (or a paper punch if you have one which is what I used and makes the process go a little bit faster).

Step 1: Trace 8 circles on your paper using your glass and cut them out (or just punch 8 circles out).

Step 2: Fold each circle in half making sure that the pattern you want to show on the ornament is on the INSIDE of the fold.

Step 3: Glue the backs of each folded circle to another folded circle (making sure that you glue the sides together that you don't want to be seen).

When your finished gluing it looks like this:

Step 4: Tie your string into a hanger by putting a loop at top and a knot at the bottom. This will help ensure that the string doesn't slip through your finished ornament.

Step 4: After you glue all 8 pieces together lay your string down the spine of your ornament, then glue the final two paper ends together to form a circle around your string.


Enjoy your beautiful paper ornament!


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