Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello again!

Yep. It's been quite some time since I showed this particular blog some love. About 2 years in fact.

Let's that 2 year time frame quite a few things have happened.

To name just a few:

* Got laid off from my full time job and became a SAHM
* Took a few big trips (to Disney World, Las Vegas, and Seattle)
* Graduated college with a business degree that I hope to actually use someday
* Had my 3rd child
* Stopped crafting COMPLETELY for awhile (like a year. GULP)
* Enjoyed being home with my kids!!!!
* Started crafting again and realized how much I've missed it
* Became the leader of my very own Daisy Girl Scout troop
* Ate lots and lots of milkshakes, Snickers, and tacos
* Recently got voted into the MVP position of my local Mom's Club
* Decided to start selling my handmade items locally
* Drove my older children all over the universe to Junior Girl Scout meetings and functions, band practices, gymnastics, softball games, birthday parties, doctor's appointments, school functions, blah, blah, blah
* Decided to give blogging another try

So...... now that I'm crafting again I have something to occasionally post about.  I hope to see some friendly faces around here every so often!

In other news, very shortly the item below will be featured in a giveaway on The Mouse House! Stay tuned for information on how you can win it!!

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