Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sometimes life has other ideas.....

My kids really love camping. A lot.

We've been going ever since the girls were about 3 and 6 (for 4 or 5 years now), and they really look forward to it. We started out with a very small pop up camper and quickly moved up to a very nice trailer with 2 slides, a kitchen, and most importantly a bathroom. Mommy sure likes having a bathroom!

Since I was very pregnant with the boy monster last summer, we skipped camping altogether. The girls weren't thrilled with the idea but there was no way I could physically swing it. We promised them that we would go 3 or 4 times this summer to make up for it, and I booked a handful of trips early to make sure I kept that promise.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. The boy monster turned 10 months old and the mommy anxiety started creeping in about our first camping trip of the season, which was scheduled for 4 days this weekend (Memorial Day weekend). How would it all work? Would any of us get any sleep? Would he start waking up again at night? Would he and I spend the entire weekend in the camper because of the forecast (lots and lots of heat and humidity)? Would it be ANY fun for anyone???

Two weeks of worry. BLECH!

Departure day finally arrived and that morning we spent hours upon hours packing the camper. I actually started to get a little excited about it and loved seeing the thrill on the girls' faces. There was A LOT more to pack this time around since a baby was involved. Babies need way too much stuff.

After what seemed to be 100 trips from the house to the camper, everything was done. Packed. Ready to go.

I told the girls to hit the bathroom and Ron headed out to hook the camper to the truck.

The anxiety was almost gone....I told myself it was fine, people take much younger babies to much harder places all the time. I would make the best of it and enjoy myself and it would be great! Let's get this long overdue vacation STARTED!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Next thing I know, Stephanie comes in the house proclaiming "Daddy said we aren't going camping. His truck is broke." I thought this must be a was working fine while running errands just this morning! But sure enough, it wouldn't shift into drive or reverse. We then spent the next 3 or 4 hours trying to calm the hysterical kids, get the truck towed to the dealership for repair, find a way to get the camper to the campground, realized that it just wasn't going to work, stressing out about repair costs, cancelling the campground, deciding that we needed to "save" the weekend and do something else fun, researching available hotel rooms at the Jersey Shore (and booking one), and thanking GOD that the truck issue happened at home and not while we were already at the campground (or worse yet, on the way TO the campground!!)

So, our plans have completely changed for the weekend and I'm OK with that. We're having all kinds of fun adventures that we wouldn't have had if the trip was still on, and getting a few things done at home.

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