Saturday, September 29, 2012

The .25 cent artwork that almost never happened

I'm one of those people that sees a cool project all over Blogland and Pinterest and I always think,

Wow. That looks hard.

Then, I read about the project and everyone says how EASY and FAST the project is.

Then, after seeing how EASY and FAST that particular project is on 10 different blogs I say to myself,

Well, if its that EAST and FAST then I'm sure I can do it.

Cause lets be real, if a project isn't easy I usually don't do it. And if you tell me straight up how loooooooong it took you, I for sure won't do it.

So I've seen these really cool tutorials about freezer paper stenciling all over the place and I've tried it on fabric (which works WONDERFULLY). It really is pretty EASY and sort of FAST. I've also seen some cool artwork numerous different places with the saying "You are my sunshine", and I filed it away in the crafty folder in my brain (do you have one of those?) and decided that I wanted to do something like that, but on the cheap.

I'm crazy cheap. In case you didn't know.

I hit up a local flea market and bought this picture and frame for .50 cents. That's cheap enough even for this cheapskate.

I removed the picture from the frame and painted over it with white acrylic paint. EASY.

I then cut out letters for the saying on my Cricut with freezer paper. FAST. At this point I was impressed by how EASY and FAST this project was going, and I attempted the freezer paper technique on the picture.This is where things went totally awry. Apparently, freezer paper sticks really well on a whole bunch of surfaces, but acrylic paint is NOT one of them.

As I was ironing the letters on, the other letters were peeling right off. What was supposed to be an hour long EASY and FAST craft turned into an epic 6 hour battle of the cheapskate vs. the freezer paper. 

I have no "during" pictures. No beautifully written step by step tutorial where it all ties in together and you think to yourself,

Well, if its that EAST and FAST then I'm sure I can do it. 

Nope. What I have is a finished project that I will NEVER.EVER attempt to do again. I'm semi-happy with the outcome (some of the letters are wonky, but if you knew how hard it was to even get them on there then wonky would be completely acceptable), and I'm totally glad that its over. I'll use the chunky frame that came with it on another project, hopefully one that doesn't take me 6 hours.

P.S. I changed the saying up a bit to fit in with the amount of children running around in this household. With three kids, I kind of felt like saying "YOU are my sunshine" would cause one of them to feel superior to the others and might leave the other two feeling like they aren't my favorite. The only time I show favortism in this house is when one of em' has some sort of ice cream or candy that I want to get my hands on. Then its GAME ON!    (I kid, I kid.)

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  1. I like your tenacity!!! :) Well done! And I'm the same way with the candy.

  2. Nice! I have a big art canvas I have wanted to do that to also. I am like you. I don't want a project to take days, I have to have immediate results and choose my projects that are easy. : ) Does your cricut cut vinyl? Could you have put the letters on like that? It looks great though as is!

    1. Great idea Cherryl! I bet the vinyl would be so much easier to put on there straight (and yes, the cricut cuts vinyl like its butter.) LOL!!



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