Tuesday, August 25, 2009

iPod holder

My friend Soo needed an iPod holder for her GIANT iPod so I made her this one out of a super cool yellow and black fabric that just so happened to match her totally rad yellow handbag. Isn't it cool when those things happen???

Also...did you notice it???


Look again.....it's there.

My funsize creations label!!!????

I am soooo proud of myself. I'm a computer dork and have a mental block when it comes to figuring anything out on the puter'. I'm surprized I blog. Seriously. It always shocks me when a post actually makes it to my blog.

Anyways, with a little help from Rebecca of graphic haven and my friend Jeanne I was able to print my very own labels for all my handmade items. I get super excited evertime I sew one into something and I think it makes it look so...professional.

Whadda-ya think???????



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