Friday, October 2, 2009

A great BIG announcement.....

So sorry that I've been missing on this blog for awhile, but I have a (pretty) good excuse.

Layoffs seem to be imminent at work so I decided to get a jump on the bad news and opened up my very own etsy shop online to sell all my handmade items!

I am so excited!

Every spare moment I have had for the past few months (which really isn't all that much time) I've been sewing like mad so that I would have a little stash of items ready to go into the store, as well as a stash of items to take with me to craft shows. I've signed up for 2 local shows, one in November and one in December, and my mom is going to one for me in Las Vegas (I just shipped out a huge box of stuff to her today to have for the show). Crossing my fingers big time that it goes well.

Here's the link to my store, click on it to check it out!

funsize creations

Oh, and I also made my first 2 sales the other night, so I was clearly extra excited that people actually wanted to purchase my things. Who'da thunk???

So....a big favor goes out to any family or friends out there who may be reading this (or even to any strangers passing through who want to show a random act of kindness to silly little me). Please spread the word for me! Pretty please with fudge on top! We all know how powerful word of mouth is, so any help you can give to get my name out there would be totally appreciated. If you have a blog, it would be awesome if you could do a quick little blog post with my store link on it. If you don't have a blog, you could totally copy my web address and e-mail it to all your friends and family and I wouldn't be mad at'cha!!! *laughing*

Don't forget to bookmark this site and check back often, I'll be doing shop update notifications here as well as announcing sales and giveaways!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. That's awesome!! So excited for you!! Hope it goes well!

  2. And to think... I knew you BEFORE you became famous. I just need to figure out how to get your autograph before I have to wait in a long line at some big fabric store's grand opening where you'll be the headliner. :) Consider the word spread!

  3. and now i know the rest of the story. i've missed you. and am soooo verrrrrry excited for your new venture. and can i also say (guess i will anyway without your permission ;) ) that i love your blog and your writing style is just so dang cute.

    best of luck to you!



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