Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 minute Halloween frame

Wanna make a cute Halloween decoration for your home but only have 5 minutes to do it? Then this is the frame for you!

Step 1: Gather supplies and decide what size frame you want to fill (I filled an 8 x 10).

Step 2: Tear out 2 book pages from an old book.


Step 3: Cut about an inch off of the edge of one of your pages.

Step 4: Adhere the 2 pages together to form one large piece of paper.

Step 5: Pick out a large Halloween stamp and stamp your image (I used a foam stamp and acrylic paint but regualr stamps and ink will work just as well.)


Step 6: Add a few word fetti stickers just under your stamped image.

Step 7: Cut out your picture to fit your frame and hang on your wall. All done!

5 Minute Frame by Andrea Chrupcala Supplies Foam Stamp: 7Gypsies; Stickers: Making Memories; Paint: Making Memories; Other: book pages


  1. Oooo, love this idea!
    Even better that you can get it done QUICK! LOL! TFS! xo

  2. I absolutely adore this, Andrea! Im thinkng abut doing a Christmas one!



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