Thursday, June 21, 2012

Before and after....

I found a few things for the house recently that needed some "sprucing up" and I finally got around to doing one of the mini projects today. I love doing house stuff!!

This was a thrifty find that I picked up a few weeks ago knowing that it wasn't exactly "me", but that it had potential. I was so happy to see that it had all of the original glass bottles with it, and that none of them were chipped or broken. I also know that spray paint fixes a lot of what's wrong in the that was my plan.

Here is the BEFORE:

Before it was a little dark, and a little too "mad scientist" for my taste. But after a few coats of white spray paint, and the addition of some vintage flowers that I picked up CHEAP at the very same thrift now fits perfectly in my home and will brighten any dreary space with all of its happy vintage-y goodness!

Whadda'ya think!? Doesn't even look like the same piece, right???

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