Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrift store finds!

I *love* thrift store shopping.

"One mans trash is another mans treasure" is absolutely true! In most cases, I would much rather have something old and vintage to decorate my home with than have something brand new and poorly made. I've even got my kids on the vintage bandwagon....whenever I tell the oldest 2 that I'm running to the thrift store they BEG to go with me (and are always amazed at how much I come home with while only spending a few dollars). They find the coolest stuff there too!

I took trip to my local thrift store today and here are just a few of my favorite finds:

Some old spools.... a few dollars.

No idea WHAT this guy is or what he was used for but he's made of metal, he's HEAVY and rusty, and he's odd and different (and exactly the kind of stuff I look for!) I believe he was $3.00.

This small framed house made of yarn for $1.00!

 Yellow glassware....

 Old wooden hangers for 25 cents each (that I have an idea for, I just need to execute), and milk glass for 80 cents......

 Old metal owl trivets for $2.00......

 This old printers drawer. LOVE. $22.00

We love owls in this house. My daughter brought home this wooden puzzle for my 10 month old son for 25 cents. So cute!

Of course there was more but I'll save that for another day! If you like seeing my thrifty finds just let me know and I'll share again the next time I hit up the thrift store!!!


  1. I betcha that heavy metal man is a door stopper. So cool!!!

  2. I betcha that heavy metal man is a door stopper. So cool!!!



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