Sunday, June 24, 2012

Patio redo - before's

We are in the middle of a not-so-little patio I thought I would share some before pictures with you.

Before - yuck

Your eyes do not fool you. Those floors really are blue, but when we purchased them they weren't that color. Here's the story behind the unintentional blue floor.

10 years or so ago we had our first baby and needed to put down some sort of flooring in the patio. For this project we had a budget of NEGATIVE $100, and I'm not joking....we was struggling! The patio still had exposed sub floors that we had painted because we couldn't afford to put something else down, and we didn't want the baby crawling around on it getting splinters. So we headed to the home improvement store and bought the cheapest beige colored peel and stick tiles we could find. They were cheap, they were ugly, but they would do.

Fast forward just a few years later and I noticed that the floors were turning blue from the sun. For a couple  years they were EXTREMELY bright blue...but the sun kicked it into high gear and for the past two years or so they were a more muted shade. Still blue, still ugly, but our budget is still in the they still had to do.

Then just a few weeks ago we replaced the oak laminate flooring in our family room. At first we were just going to give the old flooring away, but then I had the best idea ever! Put it in the patio!!! Brilliant.

I'm well aware that this floor is not meant to be put in a patio, and I'm well aware that the sun will do her handy work on it just like she did on the tiles....but the way I see it its a free fix for the current bad floor situation. Even if it only lasts 2 years before it needs to be replaced, well, at least it wasn't blue for 2 years!

 Do you see the brown areas? Nope...that's not dirt, that's the original color of the floor.

So....there are some "before" pics. I plan on replacing the fabric on the window valances as well (that was a DIY project from a few years ago that I might share here when I do them again). I'll post the "afters" as soon as its done!

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  1. I love your concrete floor color! It looks refreshing and cool to the eyes. It certainly looks great with the blue hue giving life to the area. However, I would advise you to replace the brown tiles, and pick a color that matches the color of the blue floor. You can add some decorative design on the floor to give it an interesting look!



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