Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Custom order: childrens bags and drawstring pouches

A woman at my work has 2 granddaughters (ages 3 and 5) who don't live very close to her (I believe they live in a different state...but I could have just made that up. Not sure.) Any-hoo...... whenever she visits them she likes to bring them something extra special just from her, and during her visit in July she is bringing them handmade purses, drawstring pouches, and magnets with their names on them! What a great surprise! She hand picked all the fabrics especially for each girl and will put other "treasures" inside the pouches before she gives it to them.

How cool is that??!!

I love doing these custom orders and seeing the way people respond to something that is handmade. It's just so much more meaningful than buying something for someone off the shelf. Not to mention truly original! Just think.....none of their other friends will have anything like these!

The purses I've made before so they were a breeze, but the drawstring pouches were a first for me. I think I made 3 prototypes before I got it just right. The first one had only one string going through it, and while it was adorable it just didn't stay closed all that well. The second one had 2 strings going through it and stayed closed like a champ, but it wasn't lined and had raw edges. ICK. I don't like raw edges. My 4 year old Jennifer got that cast-off. She doesn't seem to mind raw edges. each his/her own.

Here are the finished products. I hope her granddaughters love them and use them well!


  1. The things you make are sooo finished-looking, so professional! Gud job, Andy!

  2. how sweet are they??? Bet the girls are loving all the things you are making!

  3. Love love love them!! very pretty!



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