Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spoiled.....check. Rotten.........check.

I've been sewing (and learning to sew) on a BEAST of a machine. A 13 year old Kenmore purchased at *shudder* Walmart....where I believe everything in the world will ultimately be purchased from. I imagine that one day soon they will be selling houses and cars and lungs..........Oy.

My machine is very good to me even though I have neglected it and haven't oiled it or serviced it ONCE in it's long and joyous life.

Sorry faithful little machine. Really. I mean it.

When I sew on the Kenmore a few things happen. The bobbin likes to get all tangled up and wreak havoc on my fabric. Often. The needle LOVES to become un-threaded (did I just make up another word???) The foot gets loose from all the vibration and falls down on my project in the middle of a perfectly straight stitch ruining the entire project. The noise of the machine is so loud that I can't hear a conversation in the same room. Oh....and don't even get me started on the numerous times the bobbin runs out of thread and forgets to notify me so I am happily stitching away on an especially looooong and difficult seam and I get to the end only to find out that not ONE stitch has made it onto my project.

Yep. LOVE when that happens.

Well folks.....it ain't happening no more!

See, I came home a few weeks ago and my husband had a silly look on his face.

I can always tell when he is up to something by that silly look he gets.

After a bit of prodding he let it spill that he had researched and ordered me a brand new machine. It would be here in 2 or 3 days.

At first I rejected the new machine and told him I didn't need it....it was an unnecessary expense......he needed to take it back.

But then he started to tell me about it. It has fancy features. It can embroider. It threads the needle for you. It TELLS YOU when the bobbin is running out!!!

Oh the JOY!!!!

I've been sewing with my new toy for a few weeks and I have to say....it really is fabulous. I don't miss putting spittle on the end of my thread and trying to get it in that teeny tiny little hole on the end of the needle. I don't miss the bobbin tangles. And I sure as heck don't miss the noise (this thing is sooooo quiet!)

I think I'm in love.



  1. YAY!! I'm so happy for you! Cracked up at the spittle comment, LOL! Glad this machine has found a very happy home where it'll get much love!

  2. Ronnie is the bestest!




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