Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just stuff

As I've made painfully clear I am totally and completely addicted to this sewing thing. I want to do it every waking moment. I know others feel that way too.....right!!????

Just a quick post to share some little projects that I have been working on lately.

Some more key chains:

More *adorable* tissue holders:

Some covered buttons, yo-yo's, and hair clips:

A patchwork zippered pouch with matching yo-yo and covered button:

And some checkbook covers:

Hoping I get a little sewing time in today......



  1. WOW!! I didn't have time to post on each one but, I wanted to tell you I love ALL of these!! they are beautiful!! yanno, you might want to think about opening up your own etsy shop! I would LOVE to buy one of those keychains. Since I don't know how to sew, it would be nice to have something like that for myself! Take care now!

  2. Holy moly.....for someone who couldn't thread the needle on the sewing machine just a short while ago, you've come a LONG WAY BABY!!! These are so feakin' adorable!!!!! I want one of those tissue holders!!!! Are you selling this stuff? You should be!

  3. watch out Vera, Andrea is in town!!

  4. you KNOW how much I'm loving those key chains!! Everything looks perfect. And I'm liking the staging you're doing to photograph everything, too! :)



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