Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome to FunSize Creations!

I created this blog to document the successes and more importantly, the complete failures of my entry into the world of sewing.

I am Andrea and I am a newbie. Nice to meet you.

I have owned a sewing machine for about 13 years and have only used it a handful of times. My poor machine mostly sat alone, in her box, in the basement all these years. I think the main reason for this is because it was just a pain in the neck to find it in the mess, dig it out of it's pile, set it up on the kitchen table, thread it (UGH), do the project, then have to turn around and put it away again.

Whew.....I'm a little winded just typing all of that.

It is also well known by many that I wasn't even able to insert the bobbin on my own.....I always had to ask my husband how to do it. Not knowing how to use my machine was bad moo-joo and I'm sure it caused many of the sewing failures I've had in my past.

All of this sadness recently ended when I dragged her out of the darkness and set her up in a space all her own in my little craft closet. She was happy and decided it would be OK to finally let me make a cute little bag. And cute it was!!!!

From there I was hooked.

I started sewing quite a bit at night after the kids went to bed and just couldn't stop.

That brings us here. I hope to help other newbies avoid some of the pitfalls of starting out in this cool hobby, while at the same time share some of my very own creations with the sewing world (as terrible or wonky as they may be).

Thanks for stopping by.......I'm off to play with my fabric!


  1. YAY! Love that you have a separate place for me to oogle at your creations! I think all the things you've made are fantastic and so not wonky! I bet the girls are loving everything you're making and, more importantly, watching the process of making them! YAY you!

  2. How fun! good luck on your new ventures. :)

  3. You may inspire me to get back to my sewing machine.....maybe. Or not. LOL. In the meantime, I'll just come here to check out your loverly creations. :)

  4. woo-hoo!!! Sewing IS addicting, I concur! I LOVE it myself! Have fun with it!



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