Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hungry for a tiny cupcake??

I needed a little travel pin cushion to take with me when I want to do quick little projects while I'm in a waiting room, at a birthday party, or watching the kids play outside.

And since I was going to make one I figured I might as well make a CUTE one!

I've seen tons of adorable little cupcake "things" around lately so I decided that a cupcake is what I needed. A tiny little cupcake pin cushion.


Except that I have never tried anything even remotely like it and it requires hand stitching skills. I haven't fully developed my hand stitching skills yet, so lets just say I'm thankful that this is staying home with me and not going to someone else as a gift!!!

How it goes together:

I started out by cutting the bottom of the cupcake in a small circle which will dictate how large the cupcake will be (I just used plain old felt which you can find at any craft store). Large circle makes large cupcake, small circle makes....well....I think you get it. I then cut a strip of brown felt and started to attach it to the bottom circle piece. That part was easy peasy.

Then for the top I cut the dark pink icing in a scalloped manner and hand stitched some sprinkes on top (or jimmies as they call them here in PA). That part was also easy peasy.

Then I cut the light pink felt in a circle about the size that I thought would fit nicely over the top of the brown felt. I guessed wrong. It was wayyyyyyy big, but by the time I figured that out I had already hand stitched it half way and I didn't want to start over again. I made a few pleats which at the end kinda looks like icing I guess it worked out.

Leave a hole about an inch wide and stuff the heck out of it (I used poly-fil). Stitch your hole closed and your done!

WAA-LAA! Ca-ute little traveling pin cushion. And she's all mine.




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